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About Astrologer Ketan Joshi

Astrology is, put simply, the study of the correlation between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. Astrologers Ketan Joshi believe that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of a person's birth have a direct influence on that person's character.

Astrologer Ketan Joshi's Vedic Remedies have a very long term benefits, because of which they change the future & destiny of a person not only in the present period of life, but also in future lifetimes.

Pandit Ketan Joshi is a World Famous Astrologer located at Ahmedabad gujarat. He is providing qualitative range of astrology services to the clients.

We provides many astrology services like Daily Horoscope, Love Horoscope, Kundli Making Service, Horoscope-Matchmaking, Vaastu for Home, Numerology, Palmistry. Many people from different countries (USA, UK, INDIA, CANADA) are fan of our Astrology consultation services. We have always made right predictions on the basis of mixture of Astrology and Horoscope. We are expert on remedial measures in various matters like Service, Business, Career, Marriage, Politics, Matchmaking, Progeny, Education, Sickness, Dosha-Nivaran etc. we are ardent devotee of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha .

Expertise Of Astrologer Ketan Joshi
  •  Astrology Consultancy
  •  Astro Services
  •  Kundli
  •  Palmistry
  •  Horoscope Consultancy Services
  •  Vedic Marriage Compitability
  •  Horoscope Matching Services
  •  Personalised Career Guidance Report

Astro Astrology Services
  •   Yantra & Mantra
  •   KalSarp & SadeSati
  •  GunMilan & Gemstone
  •  Horoscope & Puja Havan
  •   Janampatri & Manglik Dosh
  •   Palm Reading & Face Reading

Our Service Portfolio includes ...
  •   Match Making
  •   Gemstones
  •  Jyotish (astrology)
  •  Palmistry
  •  Love problem Solution
  •   Get Your Love Back in 20 hour
  •   World famous kundli specialist jyotish
  •  Marriage Problem Specialist
  •  Business Problem Specialist

Astrology Services By Astrologer Ketan Joshi

Astrologer Ketan Joshi today use astrology for self awareness, family, and clients. This self-contained system is probably the most complete system. It is interwoven with so many other paths of wisdom as well. Quaballa is rooted in astrology as are Numerology, Tarot, and Feng Shui.In simple words Vedic astrology is divided into.

Mathematical Astrology

Mathematical astrology involves Panchang and mathematical calculations. It gives calculations to determine the position and speed of planets. Mathematical astrology includes additions, subtractions, multiplication, square root etc. It also explains the method to calculate the speed and position of earth, sky etc.

Question Astrology

In question astrology, horoscope is formed on the basis of the time the question has been asked and results are given or the question is solved thereafter. This is a unique form of astrology.

Maidneya Astrology

This astrology is also known as Rashtra astrology. This astrology is used to know about the rise or decline of a nation or country.

Samhita Astrology

Any earthquake or natural disaster involving Indra bows in a specific year is considered in it.

Result Astrology

This astrology mentions the positions of planets and yogas being formed in the horoscope and their benefic results. This details the methods to calculate muhurat, which includes the calculations of planets, dates, constellations etc.

Tajik Astrology

Tajik comes under Result Astrology. This includes the making of yearly horoscope, which calculates year, month, days of whole year and good rewards are considered over it.

Astrologer Ketan Joshi's Puja and Havan Services

  •   Shraad
  •   Hawan
  •   Ramayan Path
  •   Maha Laxmi Pooja
  •  Kal Sarp Yog Pooja
  •   Bal Gopal Pooja
  •   Nav Grah Pooja
  •  Maha Mritunjaya
  •   Baglamukhi Pooja

Pujas for Happy Marriage
  •   Kamdev Rati Puja
  •   Maa Kaatyani Puja
  •   Shiv Parvathi Puja
  •  Gauri Shankar Puja
  •   Shukra (Venus) Puja
  •   Uma Maheshwari Puja
  •  Maa Uma Anushthan
  •   Maa Bhagwati Anushthan
  •   Maa Katyayani Anushthan
  •  Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja
  •   Swayamvara Parvathi
  •   Arisht Gun Dosh Nivaran
Special Pujas For Dosha Nivaran
  •   Baglamukhi Puja
  •   Sarv Yoni Karmic Puja
  •   Janmashtmi Special Puja
  •   Gun Dosh Nivaran Puja
  •   Hanuman Jayanti Puja
  •   Gand Mool Dosh Nivaran
  •   Vashikaran Puja
  •   Sakat Chauth Puja
  •   Rudra Abhishek Puja
  •   Nazar Dosh Nivaran Puja
  •   Mangal Dosh Nivaran
  •   Kal Sarpa Dosh Nivaran
Planet (Grah)
  •   Surya (Sun) Puja
  •   Mangal (Mars) Puja
  •   Shani (Saturn) Puja
  •   Chandra (Moon) Puja
  •   Ketu (Dragon's Tail) Puja
  •   Rahu (Dragon's Head) Puja
  •   Navagraha Puja
  •   Guru (Jupiter) Puja
  •   Shani (Saturn) Puja
  •   Shukra (Venus) Puja
  •   Budha (Mercury) Puja
Pujas for Successful Career
  •   Nandi Puja
  •   Lakshmi Kuber Homam
  •   Ganapathy Homam
  •   MahaLakshmi Puja
  •   Ganapathy Puja
  •   Lakshmi Narayan Homam
  •   Lord Vishnu Maha Anushthan

Pujas for Money & Business
  •   Gajanan Homam
  •   Lakshmi Narayan Homam
  •   MahaLakshmi Puja
  •   Lakshmi Kuber Homam

Availability Of PT. Ketan Joshi In Gujarat

Astrologer Ketan Joshi always use advanced and successful techniques of astrology to solve problems one is facing in his life.

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Astrologer Ketan Joshi has solved many cases of different problems. If you are suffering from any problem than you can contact with us without any second thought.

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